Featuring vocalist and songwriter Sarah Marie Dillard, upright bassist Brandon Mooberry and drummer/percussionist Nick Fairley, Sarah & The Underground is a SoulFolk trio based out of Peoria, Illinois known for unique, original compositions that reference Peoria’s Jazz and Folk roots as well as soulful arrangements of well-loved hits and standards. 
Catch them in the back of a dive bar or in a two thousand seat theater. For a taste of what’s playing in Peoria, look no further than Sarah & The Underground!


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Sarah Marie Dillard

Sarah Marie Dillard is a singer/songwriter, band leader and private music educator from the Central Illinois area. She is a proud advocate for fine arts and actively champions fair and equal pay for artists, cross-generational music education, free and accessible music education for all students regardless of class/background/learning ability, and the practice of sub-creation as a means to better quality of life. Her evident passion for arts education recently led her to membership on the Illinois Central College panel for Music Business development, and she is extremely positive about the work the panel is already doing to groom young, local musicians into competent and confident music business entrepreneurs. She is also an active member of Arts Partners of Central Illinois and continues to be inspired by their worthy work of planting and growing artists in the Peoria area. Appropriately dubbed “The Songbird of Central Illinois,” Sarah is proud to proactively take part in making a new name for Peoria as a city that highlights the exceptional talents of seasoned veterans and provides the opportunity and encouragement for young artists to grow!

Sarah has been honored to be featured alongside many talented artists including Maia Sharp, Linda Taylor (Whose Line Is It Anyway?), Lissie, The Way Down Wanderers, Chicago Farmer, David Hoffman (Ray Charles Orchestra), Mike Nellas (Matthew Curry Band) and Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear.

Brandon Mooberry

Affectionately nicknamed “The Muffin Man,” Brandon Mooberry is a bassist, pianist, composer and producer from the Central Illinois area with several credits to film and commercial compositions. He is also a dedicated private music educator focused on playing live instead of just in the bedroom.

Brandon has played upright and electric bass for national Broadway tour dates with Wicked, Spamalot, Mary Poppins, White Christmas, and Billy Elliot. He has also shared the stage with Victor Wooten, Bootsy Collins, Regi Wooten, Felix Pastorius, David ‘Fathead’ Newman (Ray Charles Band), David Hoffman (Ray Charles Band), Eric Krasno (Soulive, 50 Cent producer), Jesus Coomes (Lettuce, Lil Wayne), Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers), Stan Kenton (jazz/funk drumming legend), The Waydown Wanderers, Michael Travis (String Cheese Incident, EOTO), Michael Wollfe (Arsenio Hall show band leader), Jake Cinninger (Umphreys McGee), Heartland Festival Orchestra, Sublime, Marshall Tucker Band, Ray White (Frank Zappa), The Yardbirds and many others talented artists.

Nick “The Kid” Fairley

Nick “The Kid” Fairley comes from a diverse musical background and has enjoyed playing in numerous professional ensembles over the years. Classically trained, Nick has studied and performed in the Jazz, Latin, Funk, Rock, Reggae, Jam, and Blues idioms among many others. He is a graduate from Illinois State University’s School of Music Business and has been steadily backing a number of prominent bands around Central Illinois, catching the eye of all the heavy hitters on the scene. He frequently performs across the U.S. with his original Blues/Rock band, Easy Riders, and contracts for hire as a freelance drummer and percussionist. When he is not on tour, Nick runs a drum/percussion studio based out of his hometown of Peoria, IL. Nick is a passionate music educator and is honored to have to have the opportunity to share his love and knowledge of music with the future drummers of the Peoria music scene. For more information about Nick’s performing and teaching, check out www.nickfairley.com.

Nick has shared the stage with many legendary artists including both Victor and Regi Wooten, Ike Willis, Ray White, Jason Hahn, Vinnie Amico, ‘Jesus’ Coomes, Steve Molitz, Randy Brecker, and Willie Waldman.



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